U.S. News: 10 Things Aging Americans [Should] Want for a Better Retirement

Aging in place is a focal point of a list of ten improvements—which includes home-based healthcare, universal design, and more geriatricians—that aging Americans will want or eventually need as the older population continues its rapid expansion, according to U.S. News: Money.

“At a time when political friction is great and resources are not, expecting miraculous breakthrough solutions to our problems is not only unrealistic but counterproductive. Instead, the best way to “think big” may just be to “go small,” by focusing on specific and relatively affordable changes,” says the article. “They do not cost a fortune and, in fact, can help reduce the expense burden on seniors and stressed-out government budgets. Unfortunately, with one or two exceptions, these improvements are not part of any widespread public or election-year debates about the country’s future needs. They should be.”

The ten improvements fall under four categories: Finance, Aging in Place, Healthcare, and Technology, but they can almost all be related back to the notion of being able to maintain independence and live safely in a familiar, non-institutional setting. 

  1. Dependable and fair Social Security
  2. A return of traditional pensions
  3. Higher interest rates
  4. Good public transportation
  5. Walkable neighborhoods
  6. Universal Design
  7. Home-based healthcare
  8. More geriatricians 
  9. Self-driving cars
  10. Intuitive technology products

The article goes into detail for each of the suggested improvements. In-home care that utilizes progressive technology is considered “one of our most promising win-win opportunities,” while walkable neighborhoods will be “essential to satisfying aging-in-place for most seniors.” 

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Written by Alyssa Gerace