Police Donate Confiscated Liquor for Nursing Home’s Happy Hour

Happy hours for residents in one Minnesota nursing home may soon get even happier thanks to an agreement with the local police department to receive donations of confiscated liquor, reports UPI.com.

Sister Theresa Robertson, manager of the Holy Family Residence in St. Paul, said she sent a letter to St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith that resulted in the City Council resolving to allow police to ship up to $10,000 worth of confiscated alcoholic beverages to the home each year, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Thursday.

“It has been several years since we have received any liquor from the Police [Department]. We respectfully request your help with a donation of confiscated liquor. It has always been such a pleasant treat for some of our residents,” Robertson wrote in the June 14 letter.


The City Council voted July 11 to allow the liquor donations.

“We have very simple Happy Hours,” Robertson said. “We usually have some beer and some wine, and this will certainly enhance it.”

About 100 low-income seniors live at Holy Family Residence , according to its manager.


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Written by Alyssa Gerace

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