Study: Seniors Don’t Really Want to Live With Their Adult Children’s Families

Multigenerational households are on the rise, according to Pew Research Center studies, but a new study suggests they’re not a preferred housing model for many older adults.

Less than a third (31%) of those surveyed for a June 2012 Gallup & Robinson research project on aging and quality of life said they would live with a younger family member when they could no longer live on their own. 

By contrast, more than half (51%) expressed willingness to have an older parent move in with them when they could no longer live on their own.


In reality, as of 2010 about 17% of the population was living in multigenerational households, according to Pew Research studies, and some senior housing builders are considering this trend in new development. 

Check out Gallup & Robinson, Inc.’s Aging and Quality of Life Research. 

Written by Alyssa Gerace


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