Pets in Senior Housing? They’re Not Going Anywhere

Many senior living providers are changing course on pet policies, a Sun-Sentinel article this week reports. That’s the way residents want it, according to the article, which follows other recent reports indicating that those senior living communities that say “no” to pets have the potential to lose out when it comes to new residents. 

The Sun-Sentinel reports:

It’s a real zoo these days inside assisted living centers and nursing homes. Cats napping on the beds, dogs padding through the hallways. And that’s just the way the residents want it.


An increasing number of senior care centers, places that once wouldn’t let anything with fur in the front door, now welcome companion animals. Many facilities have a house pet, and some allow seniors, like Georgia Pritchard, to room with their four-legged friends.

“He almost talks. He knows what I’m saying,” said Pritchard, an 88-year-old widow with no children. She’s talking about O’Reily, a black and white cat she shares a room with at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach.

Because research has shown some seniors benefit from regular contact with animals, such privileges are expanding to assisted living and nursing units where elders have mild to serious medical conditions.


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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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