CNBC: Niche Retirement Communities Poised to Serve Boomers’ Specialized Interests

Heading into retirement, many boomers won’t be content to move into a cookie-cutter retirement community with a bunch of other people whose only commonality may be their age. Enter the variety of niche senior living communities scattered across the nation waiting to serve the specialized needs and interests of the burgeoning senior population. 

CNBC recently published a slideshow of 10 niche retirement communities meant for the 78 million boomers approaching retirement age, from a senior artists colony, to one for retired postal workers, to an LGBT-friendly community, and even a community founded by entertainer Lawrence Welk.

For these retirees and soon-to-be retirees, their needs will go way beyond bingo, prune juice and shuffleboard. After all, this is the generation that attended sit-ins and watched Jimi Hendrix perform at Woodstock, and they have brought every last ounce of their vitality with them into retirement age.


These retirees often have specialized interests. As a result, communities are popping up everywhere that offer access to resources for continuing education, sports, the arts and more.

These niche retirement communities—sometimes known as “affinity communities”—cater to the needs of the retiree who truly believes that age is just a number, and who rejects the idea that exiting the workforce equals a compromised existence.

Check out the slideshow here


Written by Alyssa Gerace