Arkansas Senior Care Facility Launches Virtual Doctor’s Visit Program

Residents in an Arkansas nursing home no longer have to leave the premises in order to visit with their doctors, as a partnership between the facility and a medical technology provider allows for doctor appointments via video conference that may help cut down on hospital readmissions, reports

Green Acres Nursing Home, in Paragould, Ark., recently implemented what it says is the state’s first partnership with Memphis-based integrateMD (iMD), which provides nursing homes with the equipment and technological support to set up remote appointments for its residents. 

“It’s just safer, easier,” [Marlisa] Thompson, [Green Acres administrator,] said. “We did our first appointment two weeks ago today.”


Thompson said “telemedicine” takes 10 to 15 minutes, which cuts back on the interruptions sometimes caused by her residents’ regular trips to doctors.

“The appointments interrupt meal times, medication times, different things like that. It’s just much quicker and more efficient. The resident can be in their room. They can be anywhere in the facility that we wheel the cart to.”

The Green Acres staff also wants to decrease hospital re-admissions.


“We don’t have physicians on staff in the facility. We have nurses. The nurses can only operate by what a physician tells them to do,” Thompson said.

Next up for the facility: partnering with a nearby healthcare center to provide remote psychiatric and counseling sessions. 

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Written by Alyssa Gerace