Boomers Will Reshape Aging Process With High Health Demands

Aching backs, bum knees, sore hips—as baby boomers transition into old age and the symptoms that often accompany it, will they “grin and bear it”? Not so much, says CTV News: the boomer generation is accustomed to having things their way, and isn’t going to change that mindset as it ages.

The boomer generation isn’t just a huge group of people. It’s a huge group of people with attitude.

By dint of its size, the baby-boom generation is used to getting its own way. Boomers have had great expectations for their lives. And that isn’t about to change just because they’re becoming eligible for discounted bus fares.


“The baby boomers, I think, will not accept aging particularly well. They won’t go grey any time soon. And I think that they have a value around preserving not just their looks, but I think their health as well,” said Susan Kirkland, an epidemiologist in the department of community health at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

“What’s unique about them is that they’ve kind of changed the face of health and health care all the way through their lives. And they’re much different than previous generations in terms of how they deal with their health, what kind of services they expect and those kinds of things.”

…If something hurts, [boomers] are not going to grimace and bear it. “They expect more. And they want to be fixed,” said [Dr. Cy] Frank, the executive director of the Alberta Bone and Joint Institute.


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Written by Alyssa Gerace