1. To article author Alyssa Gerace,

    You call this news? The prohibitionists are all nervous since this mourning when The Wall Street Journal published an article about the overwhelmingly positive impact the the Silver Tour has had in Florida recently. (The state with the most senior citizens)

    Nobody needs or voluntarily goes to rehab for marijuana use. They are forced by the criminal justice system.

    What are the prohibitionists going to do to rally support now that their largest base of supporters (seniors) realize the tremendous medical benefits of this wonderful plant?

    To all you seniors out there – Please don't get intimidated by the scare tactics of those getting rich off off limiting your right to choose what you wish to ingest into your own bodies. You all have put in your time, and don't need anyone taking away your right to choose for yourselves.

    Marijuana legalization is upon us and there is nothing the prohibitionists can do about it. The latest Rasmussen poll as of a few days ago shows that %56 of Americans support marijuana legalization. That number is growing rapidly.

    Ms. Gerace, your view is the minority one.

  2. Why would you want to ingest into your own body products that might be harmful to your health? It can already be a challenge for Seniors(50 Plus) to transition into the later stages of life. I call this period a decision between choosing addictive substances which probably lead to more anxiety and depression; or take the more upbeat route by choosing activities that can help you be more active, creative, productive and useful in your retirement life.

  3. I'm pre-middle-aged and have lived in Delray Beach, Florida, well known for its dense population of seniors, since 1995. From some of the behavior I've seen, it doesn't come as a surprise to me that substance abuse is on the rise amongst seniors. The bad habits of a lifetime come together with the freedom of being too old to be told what to do by anyone, and the results are not pretty.