Chart of the Day: How Smoking Policies Affect Independent Living Sales & Occupancy

A recent Ziegler survey of senior living providers shows a variety of smoking policies ranging from somewhat to very restrictive.

In no communities of those surveyed can a resident smoke anywhere on campus, while in 34%, residents can’t smoke anywhere on campus. Nearly 10% of communities say they deny admission to smokers.

Nearly one-third (31%) allow residents to smoke in designated areas, and 37% allow independent living residents to smoke inside of their units.


Most communities reported that their smoking policies didn’t have much of an effect, negative or positive, on either their sales or occupancy, according to the survey.


Source: Ziegler Investment Banking: Senior Living CFO Hotline

Ziegler says organizations cited a variety of reasons for instituting smoking policies, including state law mandates, concern from non-smoking residents, and the belief that smoking conflicts with the organization’s wellness initiatives.

Written by Alyssa Gerace

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