Survey Ranks Top 10 Most Attractive U.S. Cities for Retiring Baby Boomers

Tallahassee, Fla. is the #1 most attractive retirement destination in the United States, according to The Washington Economics Group analysis that factored 20 cities’ climates, cost of living, availability of healthcare services, competitiveness of local fiscal obligations, and offering of recreational and other amenities in determining its Top 10 list.

The city’s first-place spot comes from its number one climate ranking, a relatively low cost of living, high-quality health care options, low taxes, and a wide range of recreational activities available to residents.

Source: The Washington Economics Group, Inc. 2012


Housing costs and climate are two of the most important factors weighed by baby boomers who are considering relocation during their retirement, according to WEG.

When ranking the cities, WEG quantified the importance of each factor, with “Climate” receiving a weight of 10, with “Cost of Living” at 8, and “Healthcare” at 6, followed by “Local Taxes” at 4 and “Recreational Amenities” at 2.

Nearly 80 million individuals in the U.S. will soon be making choices regarding their retirement, says WEG, and it’s important to know where they might want to go, and for what reasons.


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Written by Alyssa Gerace