1. I really enjoyed reading about the positive action to come in housing when it comes to seniors. I believe in the community helping the community aspect and have long felt that these active adult communities are nothing more than cruise ships on land and then who takes care of you when you are old and gray???

  2. To answer your question,"Who takes of you when you are old and gray. Well you would need extra money for your daily up keep, for what ever your condition might be.
    My husband & I have the opportunity to spend 2 nights "Free" to get a feel of what this adult community living is all about. Very nice place located in North Carolina, food great – of course you would be charged each time you eat in the dinning room if
    you stay there. There are so many rules with do's & don't, I woud be careful and look for "Lope Holes" etc. Anyway we have decided to just age in place

  3. Our generation changed music, civil rights. women's rights, politics, entertainment and more. Baby boomers will also reshape senior care in the next 20 years.

    Great story as always Alyssa!

  4. Lillie, you make a good point, anywhere that looks nice and has good food is nice for a few days, but life is more than that. My parents moved into an ALF (their choice) and only stayed there less than a month before the sound of the air conditioner outside their window and feeling as if they were "boxed in" made them choose to move back home- we hired a landscaper, cook to bring over a hot meal 3x week ,nurses aids 10 hours a day, installed a stair lift & ramp and put in a hospital bed and moved them onto the one level, and they died peacefully in their home a year later. The cost of the hired help was less than the monthly ALF cost which was $5,000 per month for them. Luckily my mom was a retired home health nurse so all her buddies and church friends helped with the transition, we could not have done it without their help. If the children are out of state there are so many things to do – and that is for people who know ahead of time what to do.

  5. For those who want to Age in Place it is essential that organizations and caregivers who assist seniors become familair wit all the options thtat are available. We find that lack of education is one of the most critical reasons that seniors are often in nursing homes and assisted living. There are instances when family has no choice;but ther are many options available. As resource become scarce, education and options become more important.