Is the Beijing Nursing Home Bed Shortage Opportunity for Foreign Investors?

Elderly Beijing inhabitants must wait years before they can get into a nursing home bed in what the China Daily calls a “crisis.”

Beijing had 401 nursing homes by the end of 2011 including 215 public ones and 186 private ones, which means 2.9 beds for every 100 seniors, according to statistics of Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.

The No 1 Welfare House told Beijing News on March 20 they have 1,100 beds available and more than 7,000 waiting, warning: “One has to wait for at least 10 years if he or she applies now.”


Other public welfare houses are also full and each has several hundreds waiting. Some refuse to receive old people who can’t take care of themselves.

To care for an aging population that’s expected to account for 23% of Beijing’s overall population by 2015, the city is planning to build 100 welfare service centers with 10,000 beds in 2012, according to the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, reports the article. But with only 120,000 nursing home beds by 2015, this will meet the needs of just 4% of the elderly population.

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Written by Alyssa Gerace