ALFA Gives Willis Exclusive Endorsement for Risk Management Insurance Program

Willis Group Holdings (NYSE:WSH), a global insurance broker, recently announced that it’s gotten an exclusive endorsement from the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) to provide insurance and risk management services to ALFA’s members.

A Willis Group subsidiary, Willis of Illinois, Inc., will be the exclusive endorsed risk management insurance broker and human capital consulting partner for ALFA and its members, and the group’s Senior Living Practice Group will work with ALFA members to reduce costs, improve their operating risk profile, and better meet their employee benefit and insurance objectives.

The partnership will give ALFA’s members access to enhanced property, casualty, and employee benefit policy terms and conditions, along with competitive pricing and cutting-edge risk management solutions that are tailored to senior living providers.


Willis has developed some specialized workers’ compensation and occupational risk control programs for the senior living industry that were recognized by ALFA in 2011 as a “Best of the Best” program for a workers’ comp diagnostic tool for senior living organizations.

“Willis is excited about this opportunity to leverage the costs down for all ALFA members on the key cost drivers of insurance, employee benefits and risk related expenses, while providing a platform for improved operational performance in areas of quality, safety and human resources,“ said John Atkinson, Managing Partner and Co-Practice Leader of Willis’ Senior Living Practice Group, in a statement.

This partnership is aligned with ALFA’s goal to advance business excellence in senior living, says Richard Grimes, the organization’s president and CEO.


Written by Alyssa Gerace

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