Survey: 20% of Americans Haven’t Saved for Impending Healthcare Costs

Approximately 23% of Americans expect they’ll have to provide care for a loved one in the next year, but nearly 20% say the rocky economic climate hasn’t let them set aside money for necessary costs, according to a survey released on Tuesday by A Place for Mom, Inc., a senior living referral information service.

The survey, prepared by Kelton Research, polled more than 900 Americans aged 30 and older about the health of their families, what they anticipate their responsibilities as caregivers will be in the coming year, and how they’re financially preparing for the expected burden.

A whopping 96% of survey respondents older than 30 believe taxpayers should be allowed to claim aging parents living under their care as dependents on a tax return, with married couples aged 50 or older having the strongest feelings about the topic.


Written by Alyssa Gerace



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