Chicago Tribune: Home-Style Nursing Homes Better for Residents

Even though most people say they’d rather not be in a nursing home, the newer models of care are less institutional more appealing, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Most of us would prefer not to live in a nursing home. But today’s facilities are nothing like the nursing homes of the past. Instead of hospital-like settings, many nursing homes now have a homey look. Rooms are often clustered in small neighborhoods rather than stretched along lengthy corridors.

The approach at nursing centers is different today too. Many building administrators have adopted a philosophy known as person-centered care, where the resident is the focus. Staffers are no longer bound to strict schedules and routines. The resident is treated as a whole person who needs activities and lots of human contact.


For those who need help with more than three activities of daily living and have “complex medical needs,” a nursing home is often necessary, says the Tribune. But a “big obstacle” when looking for a nursing home is the cost, and many end up spending down their savings before transitioning to Medicaid.

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Written by Alyssa Gerace