TennCare Restricts Nursing Home Coverage, Could Save $15 Million

The state of Tennessee’s Medicaid managed care program, TennCare, is looking to save millions of dollars by restricting what qualifies people for long-term nursing care, reports WCYB.

At least $15 million could be saved in the state institutes “tougher new standards” for who’s eligible to enter a nursing home. Currently, an individual with one activity of daily living deficiency (ADL) can be admitted into a facility through the TennCare program.

The new proposal, however, changes that requirement to four ADLs by next year.


Most patients admitted into Tennessee facilities have at least three deficiencies, according to WCYB. “That means those on the threshold may not be allowed into a nursing home,” the article says.

This could leave some seniors at a disadvantage, but those who don’t “quite meet the long-term criteria might receive TennCare coverage for in-home and community based services,” WCYB reports. “If passed, local home care businesses said they would expect an influx of clients.”

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Written by Alyssa Gerace