Not-for-Profit Assisted Living Execs Significantly Out-Earn For-Profits

Those working at not-for-profit assisted living facilities earned significantly more in base salary than their for-profit counterparts, according to the Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Report for 2011-2012, published by the Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS).

Looking at comparisons on positions for which HCS was able to gather sufficient data, not-for-profit CEOs/Presidents, Administrators, and Directors of Marketing, Human Resources, Nurses, Dining and Food Services, and Memory Care Programs got higher base salaries than those working in the same roles at for-profit facilities.

Out of 18 positions which appear in both for-profit and not-for-profit facilities, nearly all positions at not-for-profit facilities (on average) earned more when comparing the median salaries, with few exceptions that include Social Service Directors, Marketing Representatives, and Housekeeping Supervisors.


For example, for-profit administrators received an average $72,491 compared to a not-for-profit administrator’s average of $74,264. And for-profit directors of marketing got an average base salary of $48,361 compared to a $64,980 compensation for not-for-profit marketing directors.

Bonuses make up a significant portion of marketing directors’ and representatives’ overall compensation, at 19.96% and 21.38%, respectively. Only CEOs/Presidents of assisted living facilities receive bigger bonuses relative to their salaries, at 28.38%.

In terms of size, 13 out of 19 positions earn more when they’re working at facilities that have 75 or more beds, compared to those working at facilities with fewer than 75 beds, including CEOs, administrators, and directors of nurses.


For regional and individual state data on salaries, order the HCS compensation report for 2011-2012.

Written by Alyssa Gerace

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