Illinois Nursing Home a “Pioneer” With Household Model of Care

Some nursing homes have been trending away from an institutional style of care to a more homelike atmosphere, and residents at one such Illinois residence are voicing their approval, reports The State Journal-Register.

Concordia officials say the center’s “household model,” consisting of 16-resident “neighborhoods” arranged in self-contained pods, is the first of its kind in Springfield and one of only a handful of examples statewide.

The model is part of the “Pioneer Movement” that has taken hold in the nursing home industry over the past five to 10 years and is focused on concepts called “person-centered care” and “culture change.”


The extend of innovations offered at Concordia—such as staff members who remain with each household and a higher staff-to-resident ratio—are more expensive to provide and one reason the 64-bed facility doesn’t plan to serve many residents on Medicaid.

The idea of getting away from institutional practices in nursing may not catch on in Illinois because of the possibility of Medicaid payment rates being reduced even more, the Register reports. However, this concept of a household model is in growing demand.

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Written by Alyssa Gerace