Senior Care Technology Review: Robot Babies, Affordable Hearing Aids, & More

There are always new developments in senior care technology, from better ways to keep track of health, to new blogs talking about healthcare information technology, to innovative devices that make hearing aids more affordable. Check out the following websites and products for ways to keep up with the latest tech trends and developments.

1. Careverge: Online Health Platform

The Careverge website seeks to converge peoples’ health data into a single platform that allows users to interact with others who have similar health concerns. Individuals can store health information and medication/medical reminders and use the website to track their health and achieve personal health goals.


2. Babyloid: A Robot Baby for Seniors

Japan’s Dr. Masayoshi Kanoh has invented the “Babyloid,” a therapeutic robot that’s meant to prevent depression and loneliness in elders. The robot is designed like a human baby in size and shape and has “humane interaction” thanks to sensors which react to movement, temperature, pressure, and the surrounding light. A clinical demonstration where elders spent time with the Babyloid showed it was effective in reducing depression in seniors. Read more at NewScientist.

3. Able Planet: Affordable Hearing Aids


Good-quality hearing aids are expensive to come by, but a Colorado headphone manufacturer, Able Planet, is planning on launching a new line of affordable amplification devices, including the Personal Sound AMP. This device, which was recognized at the CES trade show as one of the year’s “most innovative health products,” will cost $800 for a pair and is meant as an alternative to hearing aids. Read more at Bloomberg.

4. Emissary Technologies: Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR).

Emissary Technologies’ web-based system MedRight is a “modern, full-featured eMAR” that allows users to collect resident data and pass meds even while off-line, with additional features that include pharmacy software integration and bar-code scanning.

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5. Long-Term Living: Blog on Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Health Information Technology

A Long-Term Living contributor is beginning a blog devoted to news and trends in long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) health information technology “so we in LTPAC can control our future, through strategic planning.” Check it out.

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Written by Alyssa Gerace