U.S. News: Senior-Friendly Communities Needed for Aging in Place

A recent article from the U.S. News: Money blog discusses the growing recognition of the aging-in-place movement, along with all the roadblocks it’s enduring as most cities and metropolitan areas aren’t designed with seniors in mind.

Although it’s been common for seniors to move to warmer regions when they retire, trailing home values that are some $7 trillion below their peak, according to U.S. News, may be a factor in why interstate migration has “just about ground to a halt.”

“Why accept a depressing reality when it can be turned into a positive marketing and lifestyle mantra? So it is with aging in place. Seniors are told that they can save money by staying in their homes, while also retaining priceless relationships with nearby family and friends. They can age in familiar surroundings, and thus may be able to avoid moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility. If finances are challenging, there is always a reverse mortgage that can provide needed funds and permit seniors to stay in their homes.”


The article goes on to explore ideas that promote aging in place involving land use, transportation, and housing, and what some states are doing to support the movement.

Read the U.S. News: Money blog post, “Great Ideas for Senior-Friendly Communities,” here.

Written by Alyssa Gerace