Florida Nursing Facilities Rise Above Challenging Times

Like many states across the nation, Florida’s Medicaid budget is facing cuts as its lawmakers searches for ways to create a budget while reducing gaping deficits, reports Provider magazine. This promises to be a challenge for the state’s nursing facilities, many of which rely heavily on Medicaid reimbursements.

“The gloomy economic scene has put intense pressure on state lawmakers to find ways to eliminate huge budget deficits. Fiscal year (FY) 2011-2012 saw the need to bridge a $4.6 billion deficit, and FY 2012-2013 could see a $2 billion hole. As Provider went to press, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) was preparing to release his 2012-2013 budget recommendations, which long term care providers anticipate will include another round of Medicaid reimbursement reductions… Overall, the short-term picture is clear in Florida: Medicaid reimbursement dollars will decline while beneficiary rolls rise and the economy lags behind in keeping up with rising costs.”

Senior care providers throughout the state are searching for ways to stay afloat in the current market, dealing with factors such as scandalous abuse cases surrounding several Florida assisted living facilities, rising acuity levels, and increasing emphasis on technology.


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Written by Alyssa Gerace