Ohio Sees Deep Staffing Cuts for Skilled Nursing Facilities

In Ohio, job cuts are running deep as a result of recent cuts to Medicare reimbursement rates and state cuts that have gone into effect this year. The job losses amount to more than one third in skilled nursing facilities, with potentially more pain on the way, says a study conducted by two senior living associations in the state.

Of the associations’ skilled nursing members, those who responded to a survey conducted by the Ohio Health Care Association and the Academy of Senior Health Sciences reported they had cut roughly 3,000 jobs since July—80% of which had provided direct care to patients. And at more than a third of total jobs, the worst may be yet to come.

“To some degree they’re still absorbing these cuts,” Pete Van Runkle, president and CEO of the Ohio Health Care Association told SHN. “We’re not that far down the road. As far as things bouncing back, there’s not really any expectation of that.”


Van Runkle noted the two-year state budget and back to back cuts that are continuing to take a toll on skilled nursing facilities in Ohio.

“We know the cuts are going to stay in place,” he said. “The legislation could come back and do a supplemental appropriation and provide more funding, but we have a set amount right now.”

Dealing with the cuts, he said, has been a challenge for skilled nursing facilities, which cited pay cuts, freezes and benefit reductions as other responses in addition to cutting staff. .


Written by Elizabeth Ecker