House Passes Legislation to Curb “Radical” NLRB Agenda

The House of Representatives passed a bill this week to curb a rule put into place by the National Labor Relations Board earlier this year.

H.R. 3094 was passed by a vote of 235-188 and was filed specifically to address the NLRB’s rule regarding quick elections and its recent decision in the specialty healthcare case.

“The NLRB continues to advance a radical agenda through proposed rules and recent decisions to allow unions easier ways to organize workplaces while trampling the rights of workers and employers”, said Richard Grimes, President of Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA). “ALFA applauds Congressman Kline and all members of the House who supported this good legislation that addresses two toxic initiatives that harm employees and employers and hinders America’s ability to create much needed jobs.”


Earlier this year, the NRLB passed a rule that would shorten the time workers have to make an informed decision in union elections and permit certain categories of employees, such as nurses, dining staff, or maintenance crews to form “micro-unions.”

The NLRB’s rule would likely increase costs substantially for employers and health care providers, an ALFA spokesperson previously told SHN.

Written by John Yedinak


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