Health Care Innovators to Receive $1 Billion in CMS Grants

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation announced this month that it will award a billion dollars in grants to heath care innovators who offer the most compelling ideas toward improved care and lower costs for those enrolled in government-sponsored health care programs including Medicare and Medicaid.

Through its “Health Care Innovation Challenge,” CMS will award grants ranging from $1 million to $30 million over three years, to those who can rapidly deploy care improvement models within six months of the award, either through existing infrastructure or new models. Grants are also available to innovators of service providers for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Letters of intent for the grants are due to CMS by December 19 and must be submitted through the online portal at Official applications will be due January 27.


“Enhanced infrastructure to support more cost effective system-wide function is also a critical component of health care system transformation, and applicants are encouraged to include this as an element of their proposals,” CMS stated in its announcement of the program.

The program is open to providers, payers, local government, public-private partnerships and multi-payer collaboratives, according to CMS.

Find out more about the grant application process and the Health Care Innovation Challenge here.


Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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