New Touch-Free Bed Monitoring System Introduced for Senior Living Communities

Touch-free connected care innovator BAM Labs recently launched the Touch-free Life Care System that converts any conventional bed into a “smart” bed. The system lets caregivers remotely monitor residents based on their health management needs without having to attach anything to the patient’s body.

The TLC sensor mat is placed under the mattress and continuously transmits the person’s “bio-signal” to the TLC analysis cloud; the system then analyzes this data to track heart rate, breathing rate, motion and presence. It incorporations multiple applications supporting health management programs including fall reduction, pressure sore prevention and rehabilitation programs.

Caregivers can monitor a group of people at all times as they go about their duties; they can receive notifications about scheduled position changes and movement alerts on their computers or mobile devices, including iPods and iPads.


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Written by Alyssa Gerace