AARP to Obama: Make CLASS Act Work

Several senior-related groups recently penned a letter to President Obama in support of the CLASS Act, which is facing an uncertain future after a delayed start and an apparent disbandment of its actuarial office.

The letter, dated Sept. 30 and headed by an organization called Advance CLASS, asks Obama to keep his commitment to implementing the CLASS Act, saying the program “will allow millions of citizens to plan ahead, take personal responsibility, and… not be forced to give up being a productive citizen in order to access the services they need.”

The groups, including AARP and the National Council on Aging, aren’t about to let Obama off the hook.


“We will continue to fight passionately for the implementation of the CLASS program,” says the letter. “Mr. President, Congress gave you the authority to make necessary changes to the design of CLASS to make it work. We fully expect the Administration to go forward and use that authority in implementing the law.”

View the letter here.

Written by Alyssa Gerace