NPR: “Peter Pan” Housing is Problem for Senior Living

National Public Radio ran a segment on All Things Considered earlier this week on the problems associated with senior housing in today’s marketplace.

Sitting down with NPR, Joe Pynoos, a professor of gerontology policy and planning at University of Southern California described most homes as “Peter Pan” housing.

“They’re designed for people who are never going to age nor grow old,” he said. “They do have stairs. They often have inaccessible bathrooms. Some of them have inadequate lighting. They don’t necessarily have safety features that will help people avoid falls. And some of them present actual hazards to people. So what we recommend for baby boomers, in fact all people, is they assess their own homes and make modifications as they need them.”


But as anyone in the industry knows, these modifications cost money and with seniors financial resources being so strained, it creates problems.

Listen to the segment on All Things Considered here.

Written by John Yedinak