AGE and ALFA Form New Alliance to Protect Senior Care Residents

Asset Guard Endorsement (AGE) announced a new alliance with the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) to help protect senior care resident assets in the event of a lawsuit, fire, or theft.

The senior rental assistance also protects residents against financial loss if a senior is found responsible for someone else’s injury or property damage.

“We are honored to ally with ALFA – the largest advocate for professionally-managed, consumer driven senior living communities in the country,” said Eugene J. Solomon of A.G.E. “AGE provides a great combination of coverage, cost and convenience. Our seniors now have the ability to ensure a lifestyle they want on their own terms.”


Many seniors may not realize that their personal belongings are not protected if their community is damaged by fire, or other threats to the home.

“A.G.E. liability insurance is no ordinary renters’ insurance program. It is a renter’s insurance option that has been designed to serve seniors choosing a senior living community, and their families, who want to protect their loved ones’ assets,” says Jamison Gosselin, SVP of Marketing at ALFA.

A.G.E. is a unique personal liability insurance that protects household items, including furniture, clothing, appliances, jewelry, family heirlooms and more, which seniors bring with them to senior living communities.


Written by John Yedinak