Del Webb and Chevrolet Team Up to Promote Green Tech to Baby Boomers

Del Webb, a builder of homes for adults 55+ and Chevrolet are teaming up to showcase its new electric car, the Volt in Chicago.

While the Chevy Volt is not yet available in Chicago, the Del Webb community in Mundelein will have them on hand for potential residents to drive in October. Del Webb representatives also will be on hand to discuss the green technologies that make Del Webb homes and communities energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

“Volt owners tend to be early adopters in the market who are looking for technology solutions that enhance today’s active lifestyle,” said Cristi Landy, Chevrolet Volt marketing director. “The Volt is ideal for those navigating Chicago’s suburban/urban commuting patterns as it is an electric vehicle with extended range.”


A national survey conducted by Del Webb found that Boomers are willing to invest significantly in green technology. In fact, 54 percent said they had interest in purchasing an electric vehicle. Nearly 87 percent of Boomers reported that they considered investing in green technology that would reduce their utility bills to be very or extremely important. Their interest isn’t exclusively in cost savings but also in the environment.

“The eldest Boomers just turned 65 this year so the bulk of this generation is in their peak career years and can put disposable income toward causes they believe in—such as the environment,” said Deborah Meyer, chief marketing officer for PulteGroup, Del Webb’s parent company. “Boomers traditionally have been an activist generation. They are at a stage of life now where their priorities are evolving beyond lifestyle to legacy, and we’re glad that Del Webb has energy efficiency options to facilitate that.”

Written by John Yedinak