AARP Awards Two Scholarships at DEMO Conference for Baby Boomer Tech

AARP awarded two $18,500 scholarships to entrepreneurs focused on meeting the needs and wants of the growing baby boomer population.

The companies were invited to present their ideas on stage at the DEMO Conference, a tech industry event earlier this week.

“AARP is continually looking for new ways to shape and transform society so that aging Americans are living their best lives. What’s more, the baby boomer generation includes more than 78 million people, who like most of us welcome solutions that help make life a bit easier and less complex,” said Jody Holtzman, Senior Vice President, AARP Thought Leadership.


SenseAide and Medication Intelligence will both receive the scholarships to further develop their products.

SenseAide is a new consumer technology that could help family and professional caregivers stay in contact with people in need of care. The technology is designed to help address issues of health care quality, isolation and security, while offering collaborative planning tools.

Medication Intelligence is proposing a new consumer technology to help individuals and their doctors better manage multiple medications. Unlike current medication management systems that require manual input of medication data, the new application would allow for the automatic entry of data from pharmacy websites.


“The rigorous selection process for DEMO presenters means that all participants must meet various criteria in order to present their innovations to the wider conference audience. We’re pleased that AARP acted proactively in seeking out talented individuals to make it possible for them to be involved in our conference,” said Neal Silverman, executive producer of DEMO’s fall 2011 conference.

Written by John Yedinak