Piedmont Crossing Retirement Community to Merge with Centerclair

Piedmont Crossing Retirement Community, a Continuing Care Retirement Community, announced it’s merging with Centerclair, a stand-along nursing facility based in Lexington, North Carolina.

Together the communities will create three new residential skilled nursing households and provide residents an updated living model.

“The new focus in senior living is resident empowerment, privacy and lifestyle choices in concert with skilled nursing care,” states Donna Sprinkle, Executive Director at Piedmont Crossing.


Until the move becomes final, Centerclair will continue to operate and offer skilled nursing services to the Lexington community at their current location.

A household model, in contrast to a skilled nursing environment, where the focus is on the efficient delivery of medical treatment will revolve around the seniors who live there” said Doug Fleegle President & CEO of United Church Homes and Services (UCHS). Round the clock care and services in a community-setting will be provided. There are three planned houses within the expansion each offering a 1200 square foot central living space, surrounded by 18 private rooms.

Centerclair has been serving the Lexington area for over 40 years, and offers 54 skilled nursing beds for both short and long-term care.


Written by John Yedinak