Senior Lifestyle Corporation Promotes Cognitive Stimulation with Brain Health University

Senior Lifestyle Corporations (SLC) launched Brain Health University, a program designed to stimulate the brain by engaging in novelty, variety, and challenge, at the beginning of the month.

Brain Health University offers a curriculum of 30 programs within a 60-day period, and the classes are meant to demonstrate that brain health and cognitive engagment can be pursued through a variety of experiences and lifestyle choices.

“Brain health can be sought at any age. Participants will learn and experience practices that can aid brain health, and support an independent lifestyle and greater quality of life, in a complex world,” said Terry Fay, Corporate Director of Resident Programming, who helped develop the program.


In order to “graduate” from the university, residents must complete 18 out of the 30 offered courses. Pre- and post-course assessments are offered as well, and those who complete the program’s requirements receive a certificate of completion.

The classes include physical activity, nutritional information, stress management, cognitive stimulation and social interaction.

Written by Alyssa Gerace