1. There is one important distinction. Nursing homes provide 24 hour care. The same continuum of home care at $17.10/hour would run close to $150,000/year, double the average annual cost of the nursing home.

  2. Statistics are like a bikini; what they reveal is titillating; but what they conceal is crucial…
    “Twenty four hour care” is shared with many other residents. Susan’s point is well taken, but as a long time RN who has worked in many nursing homes as an under-graduate, I can tell you residents are not getting one-on-one care 24/7…It’s misleading to suggest that is the case. It’s an apples-to-oranges argument.

    Further, in institutions the residents are exposed to nosocomial infections—that could be otherwise avoided in one’s own home.
    CDC Stats on Nursing homes:

  3. This is a non-scientific and biased survey conducted by a for profit home health company. There is no comparison between nursing home and home health that can objectively be made. Nor is any comparison made between home health care and assisted living, which would be more accurate, and would need to include all costs involved in remaining in one's home, not just the hourly rate for home care. There are also no studies that have compared overall satisfaction or quality of life between those receiving home health, and those in any level of congregate senior housing community.

    Senior Housing news is great, but in this case it should not have posted what is essentially a commercial press release.

  4. You have good points, we're merely reporting on the results of the poll.

    We also name the company that funded the survey, so it's clear there is the potential for bias.

  5. Susan is right, I work in a nursing home and its NOT 24hr care its care on set "rounds" so every 2-3 hours so your really only getting 12-16hrs of care with exception of callbuttons

    Heck most of my residents decline when in a NSGhome but whenever they go home for a day or get taken out for dinner there like a whole new person! I would suggest keeping them at home IMO they will have a much better life quality but insome cases you just cant house them at your house

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