1. I was faced with the same situation with my husband who had Alzheimer's. I had to work to pay the bills, and couldn't stay home to look after him. What about these people who have no money during the transiton period? They can't be left alone, but the caregiver needs to work to pay current bills. When I was looking for somewhere to put my husband, everything was private pay. I was fortunate to find a very dependable one, but I have noticed that nursing homes that depend on Medicaid, seem to be run with much less finesse. I couldn't continue to pay as I had gone through our savings, and all that we had. With the baby boomers (I am one) what will happen to us as we need care options? It seems to me that it would be cheaper to keep one of these in their normal surroundings, and let Medicaid pay for this type of care.

  2. This is exactly why seniors and their families should investigate home health care. This option is MUCH less expensive, the majority is covered by Medicare or Medicaid, and it allow the seniors to remain comfortably in their homes.