Ascom Launches New Line of Home Care Services for Independent Living

NewImageAscom Wireless Solutions released a new line of Home Care Services for the Independent Living Segment, starting with a phone that enables a secure line of communication with the outside world for home bound individuals.

“Ascom Wireless Solutions is a strong solution provider of mission critical communication for the acute care & institutional care segments,” said Peter Härdi, Vice President of International Marketing and Product Management for Ascom Wireless Solutions.  “The new line of Ascom Home Care Services gives home bound individuals a direct link to professional care or emergency help much in the same way our patient monitoring/critical alarm solutions directly link medical staff with critical patients in need of immediate assistance.”

The Ascom Care Phone is the first of a number of products the company has planned for meeting the needs of individuals wanting to live with dignity in their own homes as they get older or recover from illness.


Ruud Lohuis, Business Development Manager for Ascom Wireless Solutions says, “We have transformed the aspiration of independent living into a number of purpose-build devices and solutions designed to eliminate the anxiety often felt by home-bound individuals. The Ascom Care Phone offers the security that help will arrive when needed, as well as gives the user the mobility to move in and around the outside of their home.”

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