Virtual Health Working With Intel and GE to Help Seniors Age in Place

NewImageVirtual Health announced it’s the first customer to go live on the Intel-GE Care Innovations Guide.

The Care Innovation Guide was developed to go beyond the first and second generation tele-health systems by collecting data and enabling patient behavior and lifestyle change through an interactive relationship with their clinician.

“We are eager to extend the marketplace beyond what has been known as telehealth or remote patient monitoring,” said Louis Burns, chief executive officer of Care Innovations™.  “The industry must evolve to a state of virtual care coordination, an interactive endeavor that transforms the way that patients, clinicians and technology interact, and commercial availability of the next-generation Guide is a critical step in that evolution.”


As the first customer of the Guide solution, Virtual Health will offer subscription-based health and wellness services delivered to homes of seniors who prefer to age gracefully at home.  Initially, the company said it plans to roll out the guide to a population of seniors and high risk pregnant mothers, with a nationwide launch this summer targeting a significant portion of the aging boomer population.

“We believe personalization is the key to engaging patients in their care,” said Bradford Perkins, Chairman and Co-Founder of Perkins-Eastman Architects.  “We chose the Guide above other options due to its patient engagement capabilities, integrated video conferencing options, flexible form factors, and open platform to personalize care for each population.  The combination of state of the art technology and a responsive national care network addresses a huge need that we see daily in both our professional and personal lives.”

Currently, the guide is available to users on consumer devices that use Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems and have a secure digital (SD) card slot and web camera.  The software enables devices to connect to specific wired and wireless medical peripheral devices, including blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters and weight scales.


Learn more about the product here.