SunTimes: Police Station Turning Into Gay Senior Community

NewImageThe Sun Times is reporting that a former Chicago police station will become part of a senior housing developement for gay seniors.

Located on the Northside, the station was sold to Heart Heartland Housing Inc. for $1.  The nonprofit developer will use the location to create about 90 low income rentals for senior citizens.  According to the article, the project is a final favor for the gay community from Mayor Daley, who leaves office Monday.

Senior housing has been seen as an unmet need among gays, many of whom want to stay in familiar neighborhoods as they age. Housing cannot legally be restricted by sexual orientation, but the project’s location in Boystown means its immediate market is seniors who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.


Michael Goldberg, executive director of Heartland Housing, said the design is incomplete but that it “will preserve much of the exterior of the old Town Hall station and some interior features.” The building dates from 1907 and is under consideration for landmark status, which probably would be granted under the deal.

Gay seniors will find home at old Town Hall police station