Verizon and Healthsense Team Up to Bring Tech Into Assisted Living Facilities

Verizon and Healthsense signed an agreement on Wednesday to help bring cost-effective wellness and health monitoring services to planned senior-living communities.

The new services will be offered to senior- and assisted-living housing developments utilizing Verizon’s advanced FiOS all-fiber-optic network.  Healthsense’s Wi-Fi based technology systems will provide increased independence for residents and added assurance that they are safe.  With Verizon’s help, Healthsense will market its home health-monitoring and response systems to those senior-living communities currently served by Verizon’s FiOS network, as well as to prospective FiOS-served communities.

“We look forward to the opportunity to introduce Healthsense to our multihousing communities currently without a home health care solution or without cost-effective systems,” said Eric Cevis, vice president for Verizon Enhanced Communities, a strategic unit of Verizon that delivers FiOS to multidwelling facilities and new developments.  “Healthsense’s nationally recognized wellness-delivery programs and devices are an ideal match for those communities that also have chosen to enable Verizon’s FiOS network.”


Under terms of the agreement, senior-living communities that are served by Verizon’s FiOS broadband connectivity and are interested in installing or upgrading a home health care solution will be referred to Healthsense.  Healthsense will provide the monitoring devices and equipment, Wi-Fi technology, and 24-hour monitoring and maintenance services directly to the participating communities.

“The opportunity to partner with a company like Verizon, which is delivering its all-fiber-optic network to multihousing communities, gives our home health care technologies a high-performance and reliable broadband resource unmatched by other providers,” said Brian J. Bischoff, president and CEO of Healthsense.  “The reliability of FiOS and the network’s ability to accommodate future home health care applications attracted Healthsense to collaborate with Verizon.”

The vast capacity of the Verizon FiOS network and the adaptability of the Healthsense Wi-Fi based technology allow the provision of the health monitoring response systems on either an apartment-by-apartment basis or over an entire community, regardless of size.


By enabling seniors to remain in their homes longer, while also enabling loved ones and caregivers to keep track of their day-to-day health needs, Verizon and Healthsense seek to give residents of participating communities more independence and an enhanced quality of life.

Healthsense offers a variety of Wi-Fi based aging services solutions that are designed to lower the cost of care, increase the independence of seniors, and improve the experience of care providers and seniors and their families.

“Senior living communities continue to develop and expand in response to our nation’s growing population of senior citizens,” Cevis added.  “When coupled with their need for faster, more reliable broadband service, it only makes sense for Verizon to help these communities by joining them with Healthsense to secure a unique health care complement to their already diverse lineup of FiOS services.”