AT Home Care Partners With WellAWARE for LTC Technology

AT Home Care is partnering with WellAWARE Systems to offer a monitoring system designed to help seniors live more independently in their own homes as well as in long-term care facilities throughout Virginia.

The technology passively monitors key wellness indicators without the use of cameras, microphones, or wearable devices to enhance patient health data.

“We are excited to partner with the AT Home Care team as they continue to improve quality of care through innovative technology and personalized services while offering greater peace of mind for caregivers,” said Jeff Noce, CEO of WellAWARE Systems. “By working with innovative home health agencies like AT Home Care, we are continuing to create a new quality standard for people who need care.”


The technology behind the system is based around a wireless selection of “smart sensors” that are placed unobtrusively within a patient’s residence and provides 24/7 physiological data (i.e. sleep quality, bathroom visits and activity levels). The information gathered can alert caregivers to changes in living patterns that may indicate emerging health problems and provide the opportunity for early intervention.

“AT Home Care is committed to providing high quality, personalized care. We are now able to combine our exceptional hands on care with WellAWARE’s technology to better serve our patients throughout Virginia,” said Curt Kassab, Executive Vice President of AT Home Care.