Senior Housing Software Aims to Streamline Management

Senior living provider Bloomfield Senior Living has announced it will use software platform Yardi Voyager Senior Housing to manage its portfolio of communities, which spans three states.

The family-owned company, which operates several senior housing communities in Indiana, Ohio and South Carolina, says the software will allow it to manage multiple business functions from a single platform.

“One reason we selected Yardi is its ability to make rent roll analytics available on an executive management dashboard, avoiding the need to compile data from various sources and spreadsheets. This allows us to receive current, reliable information that can help increase occupancy,” said Tony Kantor, director of finance for Bloomfield Senior Living. “Also, with accounting centralized in Voyager, we can use one general ledger across our portfolio, rather than create separate ledgers for each community. This will help us work more efficiently and improve our reporting capability.”


Yardi Cloud Services, a data storage provider, will provide hosting services to Bloomfield Senior Living, through which Yardi will maintain responsibility for all application updates, network security, hardware, bandwidth and infrastructure.

“We are pleased to help Bloomfield Senior Living meet its occupancy goals with a platform that can track prospect conversion ratios, costs per lead and other key marketing metrics. Bloomfield also has the option to add capabilities, including online rent payments and work orders, as their portfolio expands,” said Eric Kolber, vice president of senior housing for Yardi.

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