Concierge Care Advisors Launches Hand Holding Senior Provider Referral Service

Looking to differentiate themselves from the traditional lead generation model many senior care providers use, Concierge Care Advisors is launching a new service that focuses on assisting families and individuals in dealing with the complex process of choosing an assisted living community or placing a loved one in residential care.

Concierge Care’s personal advisors meet with individuals or families on location and then evaluate the options available, with safety and comfort as top priorities.

“Having gone through this complicated process with my own family members, I saw the need for more personal and direct help,” said Marc Lilly, President and CEO of Concierge Care Advisors. “It’s a scary thing to place a parent in the care of others, and I found it particularly unnerving that there are no standards in place to regulate the agencies that are helping place seniors. While we cannot single handedly change the system — yet — we began this company to give families an ally they can trust, holding all of our advisors to a high standard of education, accountability and compassion.”


According to CCA, it’s the only referral agency that requires all of its employees complete HIPAA certification by third party certification experts, training to base standards, criminal background checks and CCA certification and training.

Lilly brings over 30 years of experience in healthcare startups; most recently he founded Zynchros, Inc., which was acquired by SXC Health Solutions.  He co-founded Concierge Care Advisors with Mary Cordova, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Senior Concierge, who has more than 25 years of experience serving seniors, including more than five years as an eldercare advocate.

“My passion is to utilize my experience with seniors to help drive change within the referral services industry,” said Cordova. “Concierge Care Advisors is not just a website or a phone call you receive; we are hands-on, trained professionals here to serve families, the individual and the many healthcare professionals that play a key role in each living transition.”