Mexico’s President Talks With AARP About Retiring South of the Border

AARP recently sat down with Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon, where he speaks candidly about safety for tourists and retirees in Mexico, the graying of his nation and how U.S. retirees in Mexico are having an impact in his country. Zabalua-Goddard also delves into the Calderon’s family life and how the president himself is preparing for aging and retirement.

“They shouldn’t worry. Obviously, there are problems, but these are associated with certain places and to conflicts within criminal elements. Over 2.5 million U.S. citizens live in Mexico—half of them retired—and they live very peacefully. For them, Mexico is a safe country, and we are always very alert to any incidents that may occur.”

“Mexico welcomed over 20 million international tourists last year, 49 million tourists from across the border, 6 million tourists by cruise ships, and there were no real major incidents. I can assure you that Mexico is a peaceful, safe and pleasant country. We have lovely retirement communities: San Miguel de Allende, Chapala, Morelia, Vallarta; we’re very happy with them. Mexico is a great place to live and enjoy, so, come with peace of mind, feel safe. We’re also working to improve the living conditions of our people in Mexico.”