Intel-GE Care Innovations Receives FDA Market Clearance for Virtual Care Platform

Intel-GE Care Innovations LLC, the newly-formed joint venture from GE and Intel, recently announced the receipt of 510(k) market clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the Intel® Health Guide Express.  The system, which is available on consumer, off the shelf personal computers (PC), provides new levels of customization that better responds to the growing needs in virtual care coordination.  This new approved version of the Intel Health Guide builds on the legacy of the Intel Health Guide PHS6000 which enables healthcare organizations to choose multiple systems in a cost-effective way that can provide Vital signs collection, interactive patient health sessions, video conferencing capabilities, and multimedia educational content.

“With this new platform, Intel-GE Care Innovations facilitates greater care coordination that gives healthcare organizations the ability to innovate and provide customized care,” said Louis Burns, chief executive officer of Intel-GE Care Innovations.  “Since the newest version of the Intel Health Guide will be available on a variety of PC platforms, healthcare organizations can choose from numerous portable, inexpensive options, and have the ability to scale the solution to large populations.  We are committed to meeting real-world needs in a cost-effective, sustainable way, and this solution comes directly from that commitment.”