1. I agree with your article which targets strictly independent senior living.

    However, I do think you need to differentiate, of course, between the various groups of senior living. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to “cater” to the memory care segment with a lush buffet spread. Neither would any of the other examples you portray here be feasible for this group.

    Also, the assisted living segment of senior living also would require distinct food and beverage offerings. For example, in-room dining would be an important requirement for this segment, but probably not a buffet.

    Thus, as you can see, you were writing to an independent audience without consideration for the other segments of senior living—or are these other segments not part of senior living?

  2. Great article.

    I work in a new model of senior living in La Grange, IL. It is located in a downtown suburb of Chicago with shops and restaurants surrounding the building with an independent restaurant on the 1 st floor. We have only 30 units, concierge service, there is no central dining room. The independently owned restaurant gives the residents a discount off the standard menu and a special dinner menu for $6.50. The residents have a locked private entrance into the restaurant and are seated the same as the general public. The restaurant features a healthy and mostly organic menu.

    there are still some of the amenities that a traditional community offers but because we have only 30 units all the residents can give input on the activities and programs they would like to see.

    Hard to describe here but I believe I'm working in the future of senior living.

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