Vitality GlowCaps Make Medicine Monitoring Easier at Home

VitalityGlowCapIf someone tells you that their medication is bothering them, it may not be the side effects anymore.  It very well maybe the notifications and reminders.  As homes become more connected, a company called Vitality has begun offering caps that connect to the internet via cellular phone technology.  Last month, the company began offering AT&T-connected Vitality GlowCaps on Amazon.  The pill caps offering a variety of reminders including audio and visual reminders as well as phone call reminders and text messages.  At $10 per cap with a $15 per month data subscription, Vitality GlowCaps will remind its owner via lights and sounds when it’s time to take the medication and provides a link to send data to management reports, a doctor or caregiver to ensure that pills are supposedly taken.  The caps are enabled to automatically send for prescription refills as the bottle gets low but system does not provide any type of verification that the meds were actually taken.   For an easy to use, consumer technology sold at Amazon, the Vitality GlowCaps are a good solution for seniors and caregivers to use as a tool to help age in place.