New Collaboration in Detroit To Develop Senior Housing Project

Three nonprofit organizations in Michigan have announced the formation of a collaboration to redevelop a neighborhood, create jobs and fill important health care and living needs for seniors in the City of Detroit.
Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) and United Methodist Retirement Communities (UMRC) plan to break ground in May 2011 on Phase I of the East Jefferson Neighborhood Project, which is scheduled to open in July 2012.   PVM, which is serving as developer of the overall project, has 24 senior living communities in Michigan, including six in the City of Detroit. 

“This exciting development is an important step toward effectively addressing the increasing needs of the City of Detroit’s rapidly aging population," said Roger Myers, President and CEO of PVM.  "This senior population will expand by nearly 20 percent by 2035 and will be the only demographic group experiencing such growth over the next twenty-five years."



The East Jefferson Neighborhood Project was awarded a $2 million grant from the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan that will span over two years.  The initial $2 million investment provided the spark for the project which has enabled the partners to start a concentrated fundraising effort for the project.    The collaborative partners are working to finalize funding commitments for an initial $24.6 million community investment that includes tax credit allocations, loans, and grants from the State of Michigan, Wayne County and the City of Detroit, as well as an investment by each of the three partners.

“The Community Foundation’s more than $14 million of investments in Detroit’s near eastside neighborhoods complement and support this remarkable partnership among three of the region’s top providers of healthcare and services to seniors,” said Mariam Noland, President of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.  “Their East Jefferson Neighborhood Project will greatly improve the quality of life of seniors while enhancing the surrounding neighborhoods.”

The first phase of the project will include Detroit’s first Affordable Assisted Living option and a second location for HFHS’ successful Center for Senior Independence (CSI).  The CSI program will be comprised as a joint venture of HFHS and PVM, and the Affordable Assisted Living will be a partnership of UMRC, PVM, and the National Affordable Housing Trust, and its investor, Huntington National Bank Community Development Corporation.


“There’s a great need for a health care resource center to better serve the elderly in the city of Detroit. Our goal is to create a welcoming and innovative place to help seniors live the most fulfilling and healthy lives,” said John Polanski, President and CEO for Community Care Services at Henry Ford Health System.