Lifecomm Previews New MPERS Device at CES

lifecommEarlier this month at the Consumer Electronic Show, Lifecomm LLC unveiled its vision for the its Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (MPERS).  The new entry in the MPERS market combines modern styling and aesthetic appeal along with a cellular modem for wireless voice and data communications and an embedded GPS which, combined with other sensors, will enable location-based and activity level features.  The Lifecomm MPERS device will utilize Qualcomm’s Internet of Everything™ module and wireless chipset technology and is expected to be commercially available in late 2011.  Lifecomm is a joint venture of Hughes Telematics, Inc., (HTI) (OTCBB:HUTC.ob ), Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq:QCOM) and American Medical Alert Corp. (Nasdaq:AMAC) and operates as a majority-owned subsidiary of HTI. The joint venture was previously announced during the summer of 2010.

“Lifecomm is creating the next generation of MPERS for the new generation of users,” said Jeff Leddy, chief executive officer of HTI. “The current senior market is more active and wants the safety and peace of mind offered by a MPERS device that allows them to live their lives to the fullest – on their own terms – the way they choose. Additionally, they have become accustomed to the sleek designs of today’s technology and want the modern stylish look of devices such as Lifecomm’s three wearable configurations.”