AARP and NAHB Announce 2010 Livable Communities Awards Winners

Last week at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show, AARP and NAHB announced the award winners for the the 2010 Livable Communities Awards.  The awards program honors and showcases trends in home and community design for senior living projects from home builders, developers, architects and design professionals.  The award winners from 2010 represent projects from Indiana, Florida, Washington, Oregon and California.

“These builders, remodelers, developers and architects are being recognized as leaders in the effort to meet the needs of the nation’s 50+ consumers and their families,” said NAHB Chief Executive Officer Jerry Howard. “This fast-growing market is very important to our industry, and these award-winning projects provide great examples of design innovations that promote safe and comfortable living.”

“As the Boomers begin turning 65 this month, this first generation to grow up in the suburbs is looking to update their homes to be more comfortable or find that just-right place that keeps them close to family and friends,” said David Shotwell, AARP’s Senior Director for Livable Communities. “These winning homes and communities demonstrate the universal appeal of great style and comfortable design for people of all ages.”  


The 2010 Livable Communities Awards winners are:

Schemata Workshop, Inc for Daybreak Co-housing Community in Portland, Oregon Livable Communities Award Winner – Architect (Community Design)

The Housing Trust for ElderGrace in Santa Fe, New Mexico – Livable Communities Award Winner – Developer (up to 250 units)


Treasure Homes, Inc. for The Gem in Burns Harbor, Indiana – Livable Communities Award Winner – Builder (up to 2500 square feet)

Mannigan Design, Inc. for 1040 Orange Grove in Pasadena, California – Livable Communities Award Winner – Remodeler (Major Space)

Green Construction Services, Inc. for The Mason Residence in Lakeland, Florida – Livable Communities Award Winner – Remodeler (Single Space)

For more information on the projects, visit:  2010 Livable Communities Award