CES Photo Slideshow: Tech Gadgets, Sex and A Rap Star

Did you enjoy SHN’s review of CES 2011?  If so, check out these follow up pictures from the show floor at CES.

Samsung Smart Hub

Smart Hub TV From Samsung.  The TV’s operating system has hooks into all your favorite web applications.  Some these ‘apps’ are health and wellness oriented.


Motorola Cable Box For Home Automation

Motorola’s set top box….look familiar?  It may not be the fancy model at home but it might the gateway to health and home automation services.

Xbox KinectXbox Kinect


Xbox Kinect….That bowling game looks so much more sophisticated than Wii Bowling.

Health Monitoring at Digital Health Summit

Panelists at Friday’s Digital Health Summit.  Packed audience listens to speakers discuss how health monitoring and technology converging.


Rim’s Blackberry PlayBook.  Yes, it plays Flash.  Good size, good weight.  Probably a serious competitor for the business types compared to Ipad.

Home Automation Demo From Control4

Control4 gives a demonstration for some of its products.  Home automation is key to safety and security but can standards based products make into seniors’ homes economically?

Safe Sex For Seniors At CES

Yes.  Part of the Digital Health Pavilion…transmission of sexually transmitted diseases in the 55+ demographic is on the verge of becoming its own epidemic.  Can you guess what consumer electronic product they had on display? Batteries not included.

Beltone at CES

With a display like this, who wouldn’t want to wear hearing aids or audio assistive devices like these from Beltone.

50 Cent at CES

What does 50 Cent have to do with Senior Housing?  Absolutely nothing but he’s a cool character….Get Rich or Die Tryin’ baby.

p.s.  He’s hawking the headphones around his neck…one of the reps at the booth stated he has an interest in the company.