Mirador Honors Volunteer from Metro Ministries

After her retirement 6 years ago, Chris Davis Garcia has been able to spend a significant amount of her time doing volunteer work, including serving food to homeless in her area through Corpus Christi Metro Ministries.  Because of this selfless devotion, Mirador senior living community is recognizing Garcia as the fourth recipient of the 2010 Mirador Salute to Seniors Award.  Sharon James, volunteer coordinator for Metro Ministries, nominated Garcia for the honor, as did Rilla and Orby Roots, local residents who plan to live at Mirador.

“Chris generously donates her time serving food to the homeless through our Loaves and Fishes outreach,” said James.  “She is an exceptional volunteer who truly cares about serving those less fortunate and serving our community.”

The Mirador Salute to Seniors Award is presented quarterly to honor an individual who is making a difference in their community.  Qualified nominees are active adults age 62 and above who volunteer their time and talents to their communities, and who also exemplify leadership, spirit, and citizenship.


“It is such a noble gesture to serve food to folks who are in need of a meal,” said Wendy Gainan, director of sales and marketing at Mirador.  “Mrs. Garcia is an inspiration to the staff at Mirador as she is spending many hours each week serving those who are truly in need in our community.”

Garcia first learned about Metro Ministries when it formed in the early 1980s. At the time, several churches, including her own church St. John’s United Methodist, came together to support what was originally going to be a soup kitchen. Metro Ministries has since grown to include other programs including a shelter for men, a shelter for women and their children, an employment service and a health clinic.

While working full time, Garcia supported Metro Ministries by giving small financial gifts whenever she was able. After retiring from a 22 year career with the Corpus Christi Independent School District, she started donating her time to the organization.


“I have always had a desire to help others,” said Garcia. “I believe we have all been put on their earth to do something for others. Volunteerism gives all of us a chance, especially those of us who have been very blessed and have not experienced the hard times that others have, to be a blessing to others.”

Garcia and several others from her Sunday school class serve meals on Fridays in the Loaves and Fishes cafeteria at Metro Ministries.

Garcia is also involved in the PTA at Club Estates Elementary where two of her grandsons attend. After serving in PTA with her own two children, she returned when her grandchildren reached school age. She has seven grandchildren in all, three of whom live in Corpus Christi.

Garcia is also a member and past president of the League of Women Voters of Corpus Christi and serves on the state LWV Board, and spends many hours helping with the local Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee program at various schools.

Submitted by Mirador